Misdemeanor & Criminal Defense

Misdemeanor charges may seem minor, but in reality, some charges can yield serious criminal penalties as well as life changing repercussions.  Fortunately, many of these penalties can be minimized or eliminated by having a strong defense.  At O’Rourke Law, we have years of experience protecting the rights of clients with misdemeanor charges.

Types of misdemeanors we handle are:

Minor possession of drugs

Traffic violations, including speeding and failure to stop

Drunk driving (DUI/DWI)

Breaking and entering

Petty theft

Housing Code Violations

Watershed Violations



Dog Bite Cases

Business License offenses

Indecent Exposure



There is no crime too “minor” for our firm.  It is our belief that everyone should be entitled to and could benefit from excellent legal representation, even if they only received a parking ticket.